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Team Avenue Baseball

We are Different!

Some travel teams do not have the time or resources to attend scouted & international events.
We do not have permanent teams. We support the players who wish to attend these events without a long term commitment.

Our Events Include:



Pitching, Hitting, Fielding

We teach the fundamentals of baseball at all of our events. Our experienced coaches develop players in their chosen position. Detailed fundamental training will accelerate the player development process.

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Warp Framework

Goal Setting

Action Step Workshop

Goal setting allows players to have a starting point. Having a plan will be the difference in success and failure. Players vary in terms of what they want. TA staff helps our student athletes develop a solid plan through goals and action steps

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Public Speaking

Speak it, Believe it, Do it

Public Speaking is huge component in communication skills. Baseball players must be able to communicate with others regarding their core values, goals, and overall vision as it pertains to playing at the next level. Defining and articulating who they are will determine where they are going.

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Specialized Training

One on one interaction with players and coaches is invaluable. TA coaches work individually with every player at our events. Both on the field with Video Analysis and through evaluations phase once we see the players.

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China 2016

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind the scenes. We are a group of
hard working, experienced and passionate professionals.

  • Thomari Story-Harden

    CEO & Owner

  • Charles Aliano

    Scout, Coach

  • Reggie Smith

    Former MLB Outfielder-Coach

  • LC Smith

    Associate Scout

  • Joey Davis


  • Brandon Fredzess

    HS Head Coach

  • Lyle Ashby

    Website, Marketing & design

  • Horrace Lawrence

    Former Pro

  • Matt Acker

    College Coach

  • Josh Koop


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