WE don't have proof,but evidence suggest that the Caribbean was made for baseball & crusing.

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Play Like a Pro

Leveraging the strength
Team Avenue Baseball players get a opportunity to learn baseball fundamentals from the professionals in the industry: Pro coaches, Current pros, College Coaches and College players.
We Teach Baseball essentials like running, fielding, throwing and hitting we teach in an easy to understand format uniquely tailored the individual player’s talents.

We are Different

We Do Not Have Permanent Teams
  1. Some travel teams do not have the time or resources to attend scouted & international events.
  2. We do not have permanent teams. We support the players who wish to attend these events without a long term commitment.

Events Includes

  • Dynamic Warm Up Stretchs
  • Hitting Setup & Hip rotation
  • Rhythm and Timing
  • Fluid motion drills,
  • Pitching from the ground up
  • Hitting form the ground up
  • Fielding from the ground up


International & Regional Baseball - NEW EVENTS AVAILABLE

Puerto Rico Baseball Camp

We will be following all Covid 19 saftey protocals Must have a valid negative covid test within 72 hours of travel

Join us for a baseball excursion in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Date: July 12-18th
  • Ages: Playing in two age divisions 16U & 19U
  • 6 Games Garantee
  • 3- Meals per day included
  • Family Fun Day excursion.
  • Cost: $1950
  • Additional Person $1950
Puerto Rico Contributes
As of 2016, over 100 Major League Baseball players were active in the Puerto Rico Baseball League, in addition to the many hundreds who participated in the past.  Some of the most famous baseball players from Puerto Rico include Hall of Famers Roberto ClementeOrlando CepedaRoberto AlomarIván Rodríguez and Edgar Martinez; as well as Jose "Cheo" CruzJuan GonzálezVictor PellotYadier Molina; and Bernie Williams.


The Puerto Rico Camp will Include

Baseball Instruction & Development
  • Individual Hitting Instruction
  • Individual Pitching Instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Team Instruction
Personal Develop Workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • How to market your profile to college coaches
  • Mock Interviews
Who is Coming?

Be the first to sign up. Registration begins 5-6-2021

  1. Reggie Smith
  2. Dewon Brazelton
  3. Thomari Story-Harden


Robert Vaugn

Dad of college player
I would like to Thank Team Avenue Bseball for allowing my son, Alex, to join them on their Caribbean baseball Cruise. Alex had the best time of his life. I would recommend Teamavenue to any parent or player looking to play competitive baseball, gain their knowledge and skills, and have a great time while doing so.
The coaches Thomai Story - Harden, Reggie Smith, Tony Schifano, and Joey Davis are Professionals at their trade, but they are also so down to earth that they have a great time with the boys. Alex was so impressed with Coach Schifano that if he had not already signed with his College he would have loved to go play ball for him. All in all, this was the best baseball trip my son has ever been on.

Robert Nadal

University of Illinois at Chicago - Steve Taylor
"Team Avenue Baseball is a first class organization that provides student athletes with an Avenue to market themselves to college coaches and scouts. My son improved his confidence and skills while participating in Team Avenue Events. He recently got offered a 60 percent scholarship to play baseball in college"


Northwestern College in Iowa -Fernando Gutierrez
My name is Fernando Gutierrez and I had the opportunity to be a part of Team Avenue Baseball for 3 years. During that time I not only improved as a baseball player but as a person as well. I learned valuable skills on and off the baseball field that have allowed me to play two years of college baseball at West Hills College in Coalinga and now continuing my career at Northwestern College in Iowa.


University of Illinois at Chicago - Connor Rolain

"Playing for the Team Avenue Aces was one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had playing baseball. It was my first experience with real travel baseball and playing with other players from across the United States/World. Not only did I learn what it means to be a great baseball player, but more importantly what it means to be a man. The coaches at Team Avenue care about you more as a person than they do as a player which really meant a lot to me, especially at such a young age. I would suggest any serious player that wants to take their game to the next level to compete with the Team Avenue Aces."




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