Connor Rolain

"Playing for the Team Avenue Aces was one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had playing baseball. It was my first experience with real travel baseball and playing with other players from across the United States/World. Not only did I learn what it means to be a great baseball player, but more importantly what it means to be a man. The coaches at Team Avenue care about you more as a person than they do as a player which really meant a lot to me, especially at such a young age. I would suggest any serious player that wants to take their game to the next level to compete with the Team Avenue Aces."

-Connor Rolain

University of Illinois at Chicago

Edwin Jackson-Chicago Cubs-2014

Team Avenue helps students athletes get to the next level, the road to success comes through Team Avenue Baseball."

-Edwin Jackson
Starting Pitcher Chicago Cubs

Ray King (9yrs. MLB)-2014

Team Avenue is a great organization which helps promote student athletes get to the next level.

Team Avenue Baseball organizes elite tournaments to showcase baseball players skills to be seen my college coaches and pro scouts I've been with Team Avenue Baseball for three tournaments  and endorse the program.