We don’t have proof, but evidence suggests that the Caribbean was made for baseball & cruising.
Team Avenue Baseball offers an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of baseball. Campers will be made aware of the characteristics that define successful baseball players. Organized games between campers will provide a competitive outlet after specific drills have been practiced. Contests built into drills capture the learner’s attention, which results in a high energy practice.

Coaches: We have tons of talent joining is for this camp: Reggie Smith-7 time All-star, Tony Schifano Head Coach San Frncisco State, Ali Cepeda SF Giants, DJ Jackson, Thomari Story -Harden LA Dodgers and our very own TA Coaches Joey Davis and Melvin Harper

Join us in the Caribbean, for 8 packed days of fun and baseball


There is more competition now than ever for roster spots on college baseball teams. To try and secure money for this roster spot is even harder. This process is a daunting one, and at times can seem extremely overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

If you are 12-18U and want to take a cruise and learn about baseball while preparing for the next level. This camp is for you.


  • Hitting Seminar
  • Pitching Seminar
  • One on One Training
  • Team Avenue Aces Jersey/Hat
  • Goal Setting and Action Step Workshop
  • *New Feature- Pitcher/ Hitters iPad Video Analysis w/ Pro Coach
  • Camper T-shirt ( Cool  Design)

Interior Staterooms

24 Hour Room Service, Full Private Bathrooms

Grillin' and Chillin'

1. Kid Friendly dining
2. Casual Dining with a view
3. The best wait staff at sea
4. Any Time Around the Clock
The players will need their enegy for baseball and fun



December 15th, 2018

  1. 8:00am Orientation/Introduction to staff at the Host Hotel (Miami Florida)
  2. 10:00am Game 1
  3. 2:30pm Game 2
  4. 5:30pm College recruiting talk( Hotel conference room)
  5. 7:00pm Dinner with Players and Coaches

December 16th, 2018

  1. 7:00am Team breakfast at hotel
  2. 9:30am Batting practice/Defensive rotations(all primary position players) Flat Ground/Bullpins (All primary pitchers)
  3. 12:00pm Break for lunch
  4. 3:00pm Meeting with parents, players, and coaches
  5. 4:00pm Depart from Miami on Cruise
  6. 7:00pm Team Dinner
  7. 8:00pm-10:00pm Free Time
  8. 10:30pm Curfew

December 17th, 2018

  1. 9:00am Public speaking workshop
  2. 10:00am Social media workshop – “Do’s & Don’ts”
  3. 11:30 Lunch
  4. 1:00pm Heath & Nutrition Workshop
  5. 10:30pm Curfew

Decemember 18th, 2018

  1. 7:30am Arrive: Amber Cove Dominican Republic
  2. 10:00am Game 3
  3. 1:00pm Hitting from the Ground up Seminar Pitching from the ground Up Seminar
  4. 3:00 Board the cruise ship
  5. 10:30pm Curfew

December 19th, 2018

  1. 11:00am Arrive St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  2. 12:00pm Double Header(Game 4&5)
  3. 6:00pm Board the cruise ship
  4. 10:30pm Curfew

December 20th, 2018

  San Juan – Arrive 7:30 AM – Depart 3:30 PM Arrive: San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. 9:00am “Two Hands Pro” Defensive Training Pitching Dry Run Drills
  2. 11:00am Game
  3. 6 3:00pm Board the cruise ship
  4. 7:00pm Personal Evaluation with players & coaches
  5. 10:30pm Curfew

December 21st, 2018

  1. 11:00am Arrive: Grand Turk Island
  2. 12:30 Speed & Strength Agility Workout Beach Training with College & Pro Coaches
  3. 2:00pm Tour
  4. 4:30 Board the cruise ship
  5. 10:30pm Curfew

December 23rd, 2018

8:00am Arrive: Miami Completion of the Baseball Cruise Camp


Fequently Asked Questions

What does the player fee include?

The players fee includes all of the personal development and player development workshops from some of the best coaches in the world.

  • All 6 games are included transportation to and from all games in Miami and at each port Transportation to the cruise ship
  • All Meals in Miami and for the duration of the trip Hotel in Miami
  • Uniform and Hat
What is the charge for a parent or additional person?


What does that cost include?

  • This is an all-inclusive experience.
  • All ground and cruise fees
  • All transportation is included to and from the games.
  • Hotel and food in Miami Transportation to the cruise ship
Is my flight included in the cost?
No! Everything is included EXCEPT for the flight
Can my child attend without a parent present?
Yes! The boys will stay together in rooms/ dorm style or with their parents depending on their age and situation and supervision will be provided for those without a family member attending.
Will my child get a lot of playing time?
YES! All teams max out at 15 players so that all the boys will get ample playing time. We care more about developing players than winning games. This is a friendship series giving players the opportunity to learn about other cultures and share their love of baseball through this international experience. Besides playing time, your child will get one on one coaching and feedback from some of the best coaches in the world. Their character and player development will be greatly enhanced through this experience.
Is there an opportunity to give to others less fortunate?
YES! Please have your child bring baseball gear that they have outgrown or no longer use. We will be playing against kids who literally stand on the side lines and wait until they can borrow someone’s shoes and mitt. We will have an opportunity in the Dominican Republic to give away these items to kids who have nothing and it is a truly rewarding and humbling experience.


  • PLAYERS: $2300
  • PARENTS: $1500


The following exciting opportunity has been made available by Team Avenue Baseball exclusively for you. You have the unique opportunity to increase your business exposure while insuring that a boy or young man can pursue his dreams.

We assist young players in getting into college while playing baseball.



Please Call: Thomari with any questions about upcoming events
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